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When you purchase a linear actuator, you take no chances with its quality. The same should ideally apply to the DC gear motor that is used in conjunction with linear actuators. As is the case with actuators, there is also ample choice when it comes to DC gear motors. Before you choose the final product, it is important to discuss your requirements with your chosen manufacturer. Ultimately, this will ensure that there are no hindrances in your desired applications.

The defining characters of a motor gearbox are its versatility and customization. There are several combinations in this such as DC voltage, sensor options and gear ratio.

Then again, there are gearbox options that are typically used to power most Final Drive Motors fifth wheel landing gear systems. You could choose to procure them with or without a switch and wire harness. For RV slide-out applications, there are specially designed gearboxes and they are a heavy-duty right angle drive gearbox. They are also referred to as center-drive systems. For medium duty applications, manufacturers offer worm drive and spur gear driven gearbox. To eliminate back-drive potential of actuators, you could employ gearboxes with electric brakes.

Alternatively, you could also opt for a DC gear motor that can be produced with a variety of output shaft combinations and manual crank capabilities. If you need exceedingly high levels of strength and reliability, you could also make use of an advanced gearbox that features a heavy-duty combination worm drive and spur gear drive. In addition to all these varieties, there are several manufacturers that will also offer you customized designs to meet your exacting specifications. Customization is chosen by several OEMs and contract manufacturers. By sending drawings and other specifications to the manufacturer, you can easily get a prototype and then finalize the actual product.

When you decide to use a DC gear motor in conjunction with your linear actuator, it is important to see if the housing, components and lubrication is up to the mark. This helps maximize the performance potential of the gearbox. The housing is often made with materials such as cast aluminum and bronze. The other important point to check is the energy efficiency and maintenance issues. A gearbox that is energy-efficient but requires repetitive maintenance is certainly not a good choice.

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