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The Florida Keys: Why Visit?

Florida Keys is one of the tropical islands that is located about 120 miles off the Southern part of the U.S. It, therefore, forms most of the southern part of the U.S Continental. It starts from Peninsula which is 24 km south of Miami and extends further to the south-southwest and then goes westward towards the Key West to the inhabited and uninhabited parts of Dry Tortugas.

The great Islands lie in the Florida Straits. The Florida Keys are about 23.5 and 25.5 degrees North Latitude.

Among the beauties of the Florida Keys is the existence of the Coconut palms that thrive in the tropical climate around.

Flora and fauna in the Florida Keys.

One of the most distinctive species of plant and animals thrive here, and they are not found anywhere else in the United States. One of the animals is the male Key Deer, The American Crocodile where it is only found in the Florida Keys. They are also protected by the National Key Deer Refuge to prevent them from being killed by poachers.


Because of the huge Hurricane that affects the city, there are planned evacuations to ensure the safety of human beings and animals living around


The Florida Keys have good road networks such that people can use motor vehicles along the Overseas highway, cars can connect to the roads and besides pedestrians can walk from one highway to another.

The unique Plants include the oaks, slash pine, red maple that grow on the southern end of the ranges.

It is a great tourist destination with numerous products that include boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, and fishing.

Today we are going to understand more on Scuba Diving in Florida keys and see how much exciting it would be to visit the city.

Scuba diving is a sport that entails landing you deep into the world waters, where you get into contact with the flora kingdom that grows beneath the waters and not known in the dry world. It helps once to get new experiences on the strange living things that are never available in the dry land. And the Florida Keys is one of the destinations that will help you understand this fantastic experience.

Whenever you visit the Florida Keys, this is the unique sports available, and it is one of the premier destinations in North America. The Florida Keys is considered as the best place for scuba diving along the streets of the islands in south Miami.

It’s therefore important to put in mind that whenever you are travelling, carry with yourself a Scuba Dive Gear and equipment. If there are any challenges about carrying the equipment, there are rental equipment’s within the city that will make your holiday a fantastic one when learning how to skive into the deep waters.

How can one be certified in Scuba Diving while in the Florida Keys?

You must be a conversant swimmer and make sure that you have a medical report from your doctor to certify that you are strong enough for the sport.

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