Expansion of Picnic Boat line with the new 40 by Hinckley Yachts


She has some neat new features as can be seen upon the visit to Hinckley’s Portsmouth, Rhode Island, yard and take a glimpse at the mock-up of this yacht. A power-operated, side-boarding door is one that can catch anyone’s eye as it can slide under the gunwale as it is set against the opening into the cockpit, saving relevant floor area.

A 19 degrees transom deadrise was penned by naval architect Michael Peters for the Picnic Boat 40’s deep-V hull form. 40 will be powered with twin 480 hp Cummins diesels matched to 322 Hamilton jet drives as Hinckley announced.  Twin 550 hp Cummins diesel is an optional power. 38 knots and 34 knots with standard power for the top speed with the bigger motors should be.

Using a resin-infused construction, and this Picnic boat 40 represents the builder’s evolution in this area as Hinckley was one of the first builders to use this material. Employing Aramid fiber and E-glass on the outer skin and carbon fiber for the inner skin, the yacht will be built via TriGuard Epoxy construction. The vessel will be filled and then post-treated with epoxy resin. To help keep the 40 lightweights, yet strong with use of Corecell M foam coring.

With an aft bench seat to port in the cockpit and an opposite couch making a great open-air cocktail and conversation area, entertaining is at the center of the Picnic Boat 40. To port with the helm set up advancing and to starboard, the salon comes with an L-shaped table.

The 40 will have Hinckley’s new JetStick III permissive fingertip control specially designed for the captain.


There is a dining table below decks with a hi and low table that transforms to a nearly king-size berth if you want to utilize the 40.

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