Safety Items for Boating

Whether you are traveling for an hour or voyaging throughout the year, safety on the water is the topmost concern. Going offshore boating trip may require a bit more preparation to be completely arranged. Every passenger has their must-have item but, there is a vast list of items before proceeding to offshore boating.

Personal Floatation Devices

On any watercraft trip, this is one of the essential items. To ensure that they are correct for your water type, there are a few important rules to remember regarding PFDs. The class of life jacket, whether it is ideal for the type, size, and even temperature of the body of water where you are traveling is first. Second, the life jacket allows you the movement you require performing physical tasks if you are offshore in a smaller boat. Third, the correct PFD size for the size and weight of all of the passengers. Remember, for life jacket, one size does not fit all. Lastly, all passengers must know when they must wear their PFD. Which PFD belongs to whom as each passenger has different size, where the PFD is placed, and the proper way to put them on. Before boating, it’s best to have an orientation for the pre-departure safety drill.

VHF Radio

It is a good idea to have two VHF radios if possible and to have one that is battery powered. This is essential in case the boat’s electrical system goes faulty. The VHF should be left on in these places at all times and should be tuned to emergency stations.

This permits other boats who find you on their way to talk about the way you plan to pass one another. It will also able to hear other boats who may not have been as safety conscious calling for help. It will give you a chance to help if they are near enough for a rescue.

A cellphone will not stand in for a radio, and once in the open ocean, will not have a signal. When you are away from land, a much more useful tool than a cell phone is having a satellite phone and GPS. Don’t forget to keep these items as waterproof as you can if you are bringing them with you overboard.

Navigational Items

If there is a need to evacuate, having electronic equipment for navigation is ideal, but it is as important to have a paper backup of your route. In helping to plan the quickest trip to safety, a portable compass and a waterproof chart can do wonders.

Smoke/CO Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

One of the most dangerous events that can occur on a boat is fire. From getting far enough that the structure of your vessel is composed, smoke detectors are a big help and you cannot get safely to shore. Whether once a month the way you do with your home or every moment you leave on a trip if your boat is less habitually, have your alarm batteries checked regularly.

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