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    Vicem 58: A Timeless Classic

    The Vicem 58 Classic is the epitome of traditional design and craftmanship. I felt a feeling of warmth when I first laid my eyes on the Vicem 58 Classic in Fort Lauderdale. The superyacht’s mahogany sliding doors majestically reflected the morning light, making its finish stand out. Combined with the teak cockpit, the superyacht truly looked inviting and oh so cozy. A sunshade can be extended on demand from the hardtop to the cockpit can be covered, especially when the sun becomes too hot. It’s really helpful if a guest is preparing lunch the starboard. The relaxation area is an L-shaped settee, stretching up to the transom and port side.…

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    Safety Items for Boating

    Whether you are traveling for an hour or voyaging throughout the year, safety on the water is the topmost concern. Going offshore boating trip may require a bit more preparation to be completely arranged. Every passenger has their must-have item but, there is a vast list of items before proceeding to offshore boating. Personal Floatation Devices On any watercraft trip, this is one of the essential items. To ensure that they are correct for your water type, there are a few important rules to remember regarding PFDs. The class of life jacket, whether it is ideal for the type, size, and even temperature of the body of water where you…

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